How do I start a new project?


How do I start a new project?

I've just signed up for Wordslingr and am confused about how to get started. What is the best way to start a new project in Wordslingr?


When you log in to Wordslingr, the first page you see is the "Project List" page. As a new user with no projects, this screen will be mostly blank. On the left side of the screen, underneath the daily word count tally, you see a list of your projects, with two buttons, "Create" and "Import":


By clicking on the "Create" button (highlighted in the above screenshot) you are presented with a dialog asking what type of project you would like to create. From this screen you can select from many different types of projects, including Novel, Memoir, Short Story, Poem, and more.


In the screenshot above, the three highlighted areas are the required steps to create a project. First the type of project is selected (in this case "novel" is selected), then the project must be given a name. Finally, the "Create Project" button must be clicked.

Once you do this, you will be taken straight into your project, where you can immediately get to work!