How do I share what I've written with friends?


How do I share what I've written with friends?

How do I get feedback on my work in progress without copying and pasting all my documents into an email to my reviewers?


Wordslingr has outstanding collaboration features that allow you to easily and securely share all or part of your project with the people you specify.

Wordslingr shares are completely secure. They give you, the author, full control over who can see your work, and for how long.

People who are reviewing your work can log in for free and add comments and suggest edits on your project. When finished, you can revoke access to your project and they will no longer be able to see it.

To start sharing, from within a project, navigate to the File menu and click on "Share"


You will see the Share dialog appear:


From this dialog you will need to:

  • in the "Person" field put in the email address of the person with whom you want to share your project.
  • In the "Share Settings" field choose "Reviewer" from the Share Settings dialog.
  • In the "What is Shared" field choose "New Snapshot of entire project".
  • Click "Add"

Once you click "add" the person will receive an email stating that you have shared your project with them and that you would like them to review it.

The user will have a link in their email that they can click on and it will take them directly to the project (they will have to sign up for a free Wordslingr account if they have not done so before).

From there, they will be able to add comments and suggest edits. You can see their comments and edits by navigating to Project > Snapshots:


And choosing "View" for the snapshot that was created:


You can also see how many comments / notes there are on your snapshots from this dialog.