How do I set a daily word count goal?


How do I set a daily word count goal?

I read that daily word count goals can make you more productive and help you finish your novel, how do I set a word-count goal in Wordslingr?


You set a word count goal in Wordslingr right from the main project listing screen. Simply click on the current goal status to bring up the Word Count goal dialog:


From this dialog you are able to select which days of the week to have a goal (you can select just weekdays, just weekends, Monday-Wednesday-Friday, or anything else), and how many words per day you want to write.


From this dialog you can also completely disable your word count goals by unchecking the "enable" check box.

By default, when you sign up for Wordslingr, we set a 750 word goal for each weekday (Monday through Friday).