How do I import a Microsoft Word document as a new project?


How do I import a Microsoft Word document as a new project?

I have already been working on a project using Microsoft Word, how can I import this project into Wordslingr to work on?


From the main project list screen, click on the "Import" button next to the "Create" button:


This will display the import project dialog:


From this dialog you can import from a variety of sources, including Microft Word, Rich Text Format, PDF, EPub, Mobi, and others. Simply click on the gray area of the dialog to select your file, or drag your file to that area.

Importing may take a few minutes. The process should begin within a few seconds, and then process. You can close this dialog while the import is running and we will email you when it is finished (as well as put the newly imported project in your Project List).

Depending on how your project was formatted in Word, you may need to rearrange and edit your project before you begin.

Important note, free accounts have a 10,000 word limit. If you are using a free account and import a project that has more than 10,000 words, you will not be able to edit that project without upgrading to a paid account.