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From short stories, to thousand page novels, no matter what you are writing, no matter how complex, you can do it all in Wordslingr.

Easily organize research notes, character biographies, and back story and keep it all together in the same project.

Organize your project into sections, acts, chapters, books, scenes, or anything else you can imagine.


Start from a key scene, and add chapters to surround it, or start from the large set pieces and work your way to more intricate levels of details.

Any outlining style you choose to use (or none at all!) can easily be applied to organizing your work in Wordslingr.

Outlining on your phone or tablet works just as well as on your laptop or desktop. Rearrange scenes and chapters and acts quickly and easily.


Never before has collaborating with co-authors been easier. Any number of authors can simultaneously work on a project.

Never worry about synchronizing your documents, merging edits, or figuring out which document has the latest version of your project. Wordslingr manages this complexity for you.

When you are ready for feedback, securely and easily share your work with beta readers and editors. Your beta readers can sign up and review your work for free!


Once you are finished writing, you can publish your work to all the most popular file formats. Wordslingr helps whether you are writing for the Kindle, trying to make an iBook, or want to send your book to a print on demand publisher.

Publish your work as a PDF file, an RTF file, HTML, or as one of the popular eBook formats (AZW, MOBI, or EPUB).

There is no limit to the number of times or formats you can publish your work in. Whether you are using a traditional publisher or are self-publishing, Wordslingr will help you format your work appropriately and professionally.

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